The stillness. The calm. The slow pace. Soon to come to an abrupt end. As we prepare to venture back to our schedules, appointments, rituals. The holiday season, having reached its climax, now coming to a close. I can’t help but feel a sadness, a certain grief for this closing. Not yet ready to jump back in. Content with the slowness gifted by the season.

If only we could linger here a bit more. Delay the inevitable and dally in the unhurried. Resist the hustle and learn to be at home in the still. Not captured in demands but captivated by living in the moment. Learning to appreciate the beauty that envelops us each day.

Setting aside the grief my heart is feeling, I acknowledge the abundant gratefulness flowing from the same pain. Grateful for the things this season taught me. Grateful for the chance to step off the path moving too fast. Wishing I could stay just a bit more, but pledging to find ways to cultivate pieces of the season in my everyday. Carving out moments to, just for a short while, demand slowness and linger.

One Comment on “Linger

  1. I love this. So beautifully written. It spoke to my heart so much because it’s just exactly how I feel.

    Julie Faircloth



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