Pain from bad choices is expected. Hurt, heartache, sadness, all deemed common side effects. We are warned of it’s likelihood. We are cautioned and told to take heed. Consequences...Be forewarned...like a label on a pill bottle. Unexpected though, is the heartache and pain that can emerge from good decisions. Healthy, life giving decision, that come [...]

The Simple Life.

I love this simple life. Early morning coffee. Hearty, soul comforting breakfast. Warm biscuits, sizzling bacon, crispy potatoes. Slow starts, doing what I fancy. Card games with my babies. A cool drink with my beau. Perhaps, a swim in the lake or bathing in the suns golden rays. Food, laughter, music. Beats that pep the [...]

Obsessively Grateful.

A grateful heart is a content heart. No....gratefulness doesn’t always come easy and no....it isn’t always the first (or second) reaction, but it is the most rewarding. I choose to be grateful today. I choose to be obsessively grateful. The more I live, the more I realize it is definitely a choice. Rather than griping [...]

The box.

Death came knocking a little too close. What is it about death, that the mere mention of its name causes a deep consideration? It makes one stop just a moment longer. Requires reflection of ourselves and those around us. Our relationships are perused. Attention is paid. It did just that for me, when I heard [...]


I love slow Saturday mornings. Really, any slow morning will do just fine. Mornings not burdened with alarms or schedules. Mornings not planned for me or requiring of me. Mornings that can drift slowly by while sipping coffee, practicing lazy. The practice of lazy, is just that. For a recovering “busy bee” it is all [...]

The Hump.

A hump. It’s a funny thing. Funny it doesn’t seem like one when you’re going through it. Monumental in the present, minuscule in the past. Teaching tool, patience maker, tear jerker, pain maker. Metaphorical thorn. Any “thing” can classify as a hump. What is for one, maybe not for another. My hump, not your hump. [...]


Faithful. Steadfast to affection or allegiance. Firm in adherence to promises. True to the facts and to a standard. Countless verses in the Bible speak about faithfulness. Some though, speak directly to the source of faithfulness. The fulfillment of the word faithful. These scriptures direct our focus directly to the faithfulness of God. It is [...]

Broke without breaking.

I hear the news reports, ringing in my ears. I see the devastation happening, blazing in my eyes. I feel the unfathomable impact, weighted in my soul. For days it has rendered me speechless. Unable to form a sound opinion, unable to gain reason. Grieving. Grief, unbearable grief. The lyrics of a song roll round [...]