Weak point.

Y'all! It's late July in Louisiana. Hot. Muggy. Did I mention hot? Listen, I'm not talking about mildly, uncomfortable heat. The specific heat I am referring to here, is a heat so intense, you would think the devil himself was gonna appear any second. So hot, that your legs, not just stick to the seats, [...]

Connecting the dots.

Do you remember when long car rides meant finding ways to entertain yourself without TVs, phones, or personal music devices? When car rides required that you engage the highest form of imagination you could muster, so that you wouldn't die of boredom? I know for me, there was always a critical moment before leaving on [...]

Pour Out.

Have you ever heard a song, with lyrics so smooth, they flowed through your soul, like wind bustles over a field of wheat? Each word prancing over areas of your insides, bobbing and weaving, moving, nudging you in ways you never knew words could? Perhaps you were in the midst of a devastating breakup, or [...]


What an enjoyable, unexpected way to spend a weekday night. I literally can think of only a few things better. Here I sit. Sweats, ratty tee shirt, hair in a crazy pineapple thing. Headphones in, old school jams blaring, working like a washing machine. Swishing, twisting, scrubbing out the negative banter, that creeps in and [...]

The Message.

"You'll miss it one day." I cannot even begin to count (or recant) the number of times some endearing, well meaning soul communicated these simple 5 words to me. Five words, not always communicated verbatim, nor recited in exact cantor, however; the intent of the words were always the same. The messages core intent, unwavering. [...]


I don’t know about you, but I am my biggest critic. Worse than one of those cheeky food critics, like the one humorously portrayed in Ratatoullie. I scrutinize every single detail of every conversation, action, creation, thought. The list of possible targets to my scrutiny is endlessly exhausting. Perfection is the never-obtainable goal. So, it [...]


Scrolling through Pinterest, as I attempt to create some resemblance of “me time” (what is that anyway?); I stumble across this witty pin. I am quite infatuated with these, often comical, black and white message boards, maybe because they really remind me of Sunday school felt boards- can I get an AMEN or because they [...]

The Event.

Ever notice, how you struggle with a thing for a season, (maybe a much longer season than we’d like to admit) and so you work on it. I mean you put forth valiant effort. You pray about it, read all the self-help books, do the 101 steps to smashing your obstacle, and FINALLY… get to [...]


A decade chock-full of atrocious decisions is where I will begin today. My poor decision making all stemmed from a failure to love myself, yet more importantly, my inability to grasp just how much God loved me. This emotional deprivation fueled a treacherous scavenger hunt of seeking love by those who could never provide it. [...]


Stretched back, shades situated, sunscreen lathered, floating my cares away down the longest lazy river, I have ever chanced. The "Tasmanian devil" type whirlwind that perfectly depicts my previous 4 days at Disney World, now being drowned in numerous gallons of chlorine and who knows what else. The perfect climax to a memorable vacation. As [...]