Because I live in Louisiana, rain is a overwhelmingly common theme in my life. I have learned it doesn’t really matter the season, the rain isn’t picky. Spring, summer, fall and winter....Rain. Along with rain, we also live on the lake. On the lake, in the swamp, with constant rain. Needless to say I am [...]

God says, “Live.”

Our eyes are open, they stay open. Explains frankly why we stay so tired. Exhausted. It is our hearts that are shut. Boarded up hearts. Hearts closed for business. Too much hurt, too much pain, too much unknown. Some hearts closed and we are unable to remember when it happened. Others closed and the shutdown [...]


Can you imagine what they felt on this day? After the painstaking devastation their souls and eyes witnessed just hours before. I wonder, did they sleep? Could they close their eyes without reliving every heartbreaking detail. Could Mary even breathe? Coming into this weekend, I felt the word HOPE rising within me. Felt the word [...]

The mirror

This moment in time, this forced halt, this unchanging red light is forcing time for self reflection. A preverbal look into the mirror of me. Previous to this juncture, self reflection could be bypassed by numerous vices. It could be scheduled around, ignored, or attended to by a masked attendee. For countless hours upon countless [...]

Do Not Rush This

January seems like so very long ago. It seems years ago when I wished for slowness and stillness. Longed for the quiet. For life to hush just momentarily. Willed for time to cease. Now it’s here. Now it’s calm. Now it’s quiet. Now I wait. Oh my soul, let not the waiting become envenomed by [...]


“Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic.” -The Mad Hatter Magical solutions, Magic potions, Brews, elixirs, concoctions. Bippity...boppity...boop, Twinkle, twinkle, little star, Dreaming is a wish right from the heart. Magic was so easy as a child. Do you remember? The belief of it was much easier [...]

Cozy Is…

Cozy is the sound of birds chirping amongst a frigidly cold morning.It is the calming purr of the heat, blowing from the vent, warming our bodies without task.Cozy is the cloud-like puff, billowing off a warm cup, aiding my cold cheeks.It is the crackle and pop of the logs on the fire, warming our skin [...]

The Squeeze.

Today. I. Am. Grateful. Not because I woke up feeling grateful, not due to hapinstance, not because my life is extraordinary at present moment. More so, because I chose to be grateful. I woke up this morning and made an active decision to be grateful. Now I agree, some days, this task is easier than [...]

I Am.

My hands are empty. I place them out in front of me, cupped. Empty. Showing God, showing others, I have nothing more to give. Seems everyday, countless moments, I place them in front of me, palms up, Proving this woe. God, I do not have it to give. Have not the resources, the talent, the [...]